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Pricing FAQ

How does the payment process work?

Before the tournament starts:

  1. You request to add your tournament via email, providing all details and invoice data.
  2. We add your tournament to the app, confirming the price per competitor.

After the tournament ends:

  1. We generate an invoice based on the number of competitors.
  2. We send the invoice to you within 7 days after the tournament.
  3. You have 14 days to pay the invoice via bank transfer.
Whose data should be provided for the invoice?

The invoice should be issued to the organization organizing the tournament and responsible for payment, such as a club or federation.

What competitors are counted?

Only competitors in drawn categories are counted.

Does the same competitor in two categories count as two competitors?

Yes, in JudoShiai, creating two competitors for the same person in different categories counts as two competitors.

How are competitors in teams counted?

Each competitor in a team counts as one. If a person participates individually and in a team, it counts as two competitors (as two competitors need to be created in JudoShiai).

Questions about pricing? Who to contact?

For pricing inquiries, please check our contact details here. We're here to answer all your questions.